Brompton Hospital Sanatorium Frimley (RidgeWood)

The hospital was founded in the 1840s by Philip Rose, the first meeting to establish the Hospital was on 8 March 1841. It was to be known as The Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest. It amalgamated on 25 May 1841 with The West London Dispensary for Diseases of the Chest, which was based at 83 Wells Street, near Oxford Street.

Little is now known about the Dispensary. On 28 March 1842, an out-patients branch of the hospital was opened at 20 Great Marlborough Street. Later that year they acquired a lease on their first building for in-patients at The Manor House, Chelsea, which held space for 20 beds and the first in-patients were admitted on 13 September 1842. Admittance was to be by the then customary method of recommendation by the Governors and subscribers. Manor House remained in use as a convalescence home after the hospital had moved to the Brompton site.

In 1904, the Brompton Hospital Sanatorium was established in Frimley to treat tuberculosis patients; it closed in 1985.

Dr Marcus Sinclair Paterson (1870–1932) was the first medical superintendent, and he developed a system of treatment called 'graduated labour' which generated a lot of interest from other health professionals. The treatment used controlled levels of physical activity.

Redevelopment of the Ridgewood Centre

Linden Homes' proposals for the redevelopment of the Ridgewood Centre, Frimley. Our proposals will allow for the transformation of this important brownfield site, following the relocation of the NHS services provided here to a new facility in Guildford.

The original building was in a butterfly plan, with four wings radiating from a central block. Three of these wings remain, as does the central block and an attractive sunken garden.

With the advent of the NHS in 1948, the hospital began to treat other illnesses. More recently, the Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation has decided to sell the Ridgewood Centre as part of its plans to improve the quality of mental health services across Surrey.

The proposed redevelopment is an opportunity to rejuvenate this site with a high-quality residential scheme which integrates with its residential surroundings. Our bespoke approach means that we always try to incorporate historic references and so our proposals retain the locally listed central building and sunken garden.


We will watch this build as it take place and keep you all up to date with the least video and photos....

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