Windlesham Field Of Remembrance traveller incursion

11th April 2016 - Update on traveller incursion.

The Management Committee of Field of Remembrance would like to thank everyone for their supportive response to our initial updates. We really appreciate the support and generous offers to help with the resultant costs of eviction and potential clear up.

Unfortunately the travellers did not leave today as they indicated over the weekend. Having instructed solicitors, our application for an eviction order is now on the court listings and we are hopeful that this will be heard in the next few days. If the order is granted, additional time will be necessary to serve and then enforce.

We will keep you posted on these timescales. In the meantime we have met with the travellers to put them on notice that we are pursuing legal action in the hope that they may leave voluntarily. We are also keeping a constant vigil on the travellers activities in case there is any criminal activity.

Every instance has been and will be reported to the police. We would encourage members of the public to report anything they see to the police on 01483 571212 or via their online reporting: Our Police incident number is P16077738

The Police are patrolling and visiting the site at least three times a day at the moment.

It was saddening to see the field so empty over the weekend. We obviously appreciate people's concern but we would say that the Field belongs to the village and we should not be intimidated by these events. The more people who turn up and use the facilities the better. We would however, advise some care as there is some excrement on the fields and paths.

The committee are currently looking into the costings of a height restriction barrier for the entrance to the carpark to prevent future incursions. It appears that this may be in the region of £2,000 (supply and installation).

The Management Committee
Windlesham Field of Remembrance
11th April 2016

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