What Happened to Hobby Toy Game Camberley

We’re Moving To A New Shop With Lots More Space !

We’re moving to a new shop !

We’ve just picked up the keys for our new shop, right in the centre of Camberley at 48-50 Obelisk Way, so not too far from where we are now. We’ll have lots more space, about 4x what we’ve got at the moment.

If you’re a local customer, it means you’ll have more goodies to choose from, plus gaming areas and Sunday opening. If you buy from us online, you’ll see us adding lots of new products and we’re already planning ways to make our picking and packing operation more efficient with later cut-off times for post going out on the same day.

It’s going to take about 3-4 weeks of frantic re-decorating before we’re ready for the “Grand Opening”, which we are hoping to do on Saturday 10th September, after a “soft launch” during the previous week.

If you’re familiar with Camberley at all, the premises we’re taking over used to be HobbyToy Games, which was more of a games and toy shop.

It was sad to see them go, but hopefully we’ll be able to keep supporting the local gaming community as well as making lots of new goodies available to modellers and gamers both in the shop and online.

We’ve got lots of ideas for things we can do, from “Try before you buy” airbrush days, to having an area which we’re currently giving the working title of “mini-man-cave” for local modellers who aren’t able to easily do their hobby at home.


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