Tragic disaster, once there were 6, now only 5

There were six milestones on the A30 in Surrey Heath. Now there are only 5. You might’ve seen the most interesting one – Milestone number 30 – which stood proudly in the wall at the entrance to Camberley Glass.

Well, I have to tell you that some irresponsible vandal has chiselled the face off the mile stone. It has stood there for over 250 years. Placed there by the Bedfont to Bagshot Turnpike Trust in the 1730’s. What miserable philistines the people must be who destroyed a unique item of Surrey Heath heritage. The photos below tell the story.


We joined the Milestone Society this month. It’s aim is to identify, record, research, conserve and interpret for public benefit the milestones and other waymarkers of the British Isles. My aim this summer is to create a detailed record milestones on the A30. I was looking forward to getting to this milestone.

You’ll hear more about this from me. My object is to name the individuals responsible, and just like that London pub, seek its replacement.

Source: Lightwater

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