Passers-by bottle it in The Mall’s recycling experiment

To celebrate World Environment Day, The Mall Camberley decided to conduct a social experiment with surprising results!

With local authorities spending £750m annually just on street cleaning, the shopping centre secretly filmed the public where they had placed a plastic bottle on the floor close to a recycling bin to see how many shoppers would stop to pick it up and recycle it.

On Sunday 5th June, the centre posted a video on its social media pages showing the results. Over 150 people passed the bottle and the majority kept walking, with only six people, half of which were children, stopping to pick up the bottle and putting it in the bin.

Joana Santos, Marketing Manager at The Mall Camberley, said: “The UK is one of Europe’s most littered nations and The Mall is proud that 90% of our waste was recycled in 2015. It’s good to see that young shoppers wanted to recycle the bottle but it’s shocking how many walked past.”

In the last five years, The Mall Camberley reduced energy consumption by 40% and every year the centre recycles the weight of 40 elephants – now it’s your turn.

Many shops in The Mall Camberley also offer recycling facilities where you can bring in your old products and know that they’ll be recycled for you. You can drop off clothes at TKMaxx, shoes in Clarks, Christmas Cards in Sainsbury’s, Spectacles at Boots Opticians and Vision Express and many more.

Join the movement and think green with The Mall Camberley.


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