John Sparks Garage end of time


Sparks garage on the A30 Jolly Farmer Roundabout will no longer be around as it making way for new housing, as John Sparks recently retired.

We met up with John Sparks the other day and he allow us to take photos of the garage what it now look like inside, from talking to John this has been around since 1929 and he remembers when the old dean estate was once just woods in them days.

You notice on the photos we took how old things look inside and how well they age over time, notice the roof as it held up over 86 years and from what John said they only replace couple of the roof panel over the years.

We be meeting up again with John in next few weeks with a interview remembering the old days from 1929 until today, for now enjoy the photos that was taken and remember as it part of history that is now slowly disappearing over time.


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