Emergency water deliveries made by council staff volunteers

Teams from Surrey Heath Borough Council were on stand-by to deliver bottled water after a major water main burst last week.

The 1000mm water main in Egham affected Affinity Water customers in Surrey Heath areas, including Windlesham, Lightwater, West End, Bisley and Chobham.

While a team of technicians from Affinity Water worked around the clock replacing a section of pipe, the water company advised that some customers may experience lower water pressure and in some cases water may be cut-off completely.

With thermometers soaring, the council’s immediate concern was ensuring vulnerable residents had enough drinking water to stay hydrated. Its contingency plan entailed checking their lists of vulnerable people to identify where deliveries should be made, followed by mobilising a home delivery service.

Council volunteers from various teams were involved in collecting supplies and making deliveries to individual homes. More than 400 bottles of water were delivered.

Surrey Heath’s Executive Head for Community, Tim Pashen, said: “A big thank you to the staff and councillors who came forward as volunteers and helped collect and deliver water to our vulnerable residents on Thursday evening and Friday morning.

“Thankfully a repair to the pipe in Egham during that evening was successful which meant water levels increased and stabilised on Friday before returning back to normal.
“I’d like to thank all our volunteers for their kind support.”

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