Brackendale Arts Closing down Sale




Very mixed emotions that I want to tell you all that after 20years running BRACKENDALE ARTS and over five years for BLUE ARMADILLO BEADS we have decided to close the shop.

Even sadder it has been been in Camberley for 34 years in total frown emoticon

We will be running a CLOSING DOWN SALE from Saturday the 16th May to Saturday the 30th May (two weeks) with 30% off original prices on sales over £10. Normal opening hours.

I will then be able to take my sketchbook out and draw and paint to my hearts delight and at long last have time to use those wonderful art materials. Hence the mixed emotions.

I would like to thank my staff past and present for their help and support with so many things!

I am asking all of your help to get the word out to all the people who have used us over the years to let them know the situation and thank them for their custom and that I'm sorry to say goodbye.

I also need to spread the word that we are having the SALE as there are only so many art materials and beads a girl is allowed to take home!!!!

Please feel free to share this post I would be grateful

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