The Fish Shop

We took the plunge to follow our dream and on 4th December 2014 opened our very own traditional fish shop on the Frimley Road, Camberley.

We are really proud to showcase the very best quality, wild capture fish and shellfish sourced mainly from Newlyn, Cornwall and the South Coast.

We have fabulous suppliers, who select the very best of the day’s catch from the coastal fish markets and we can have it on our slab within 24 hours. We even give you the name of many of the vessels that caught our fish, and encourage customers to engage with some of the fishermen who use social media – its so rewarding to let our fishermen see where the fish they worked so hard to catch ends up!


Duncan and Sue Lucas have spent their entire working lives in ‘the fish business’ and between them have almost 80 years experience – they both started very young!

Starting off in 1979 as a Saturday girl in her mum & dad’s shop – MacKenzie’s Fish & Game – in Camberley, Sue now manages the day to day running of The Fish Shop and is responsible for ensuring the quality and range exceeds our customers’ expectations

Having remained in the seafood industry for her entire career, Sue’s knowledge of retail fishmongery lead naturally into a product development role, and over many years she was responsible for creating some of the highest quality, award winning seafood products available in the UK’s premium supermarkets.

In 2010 Sue started work with Sainsbury’s initially to deliver training to fish counter colleagues, and then as their Seafood Product Developer. Although this was her ‘dream job’, she could not resist the pull of returning to her roots and opening up her own fish shop.

Duncan has also worked in the seafood industry for over 35 years. He began his career in the family business, farming trout, but was very soon drawn into the world of retailing, his career covers many aspects of the industry, from independent and multiple retail, to processing and manufacturing.

He is seriously accomplished in the art of fishmongery and holds many awards including the Guinness World Record for filleting halibut. His impressive party piece is to ‘pocket’ a plaice in less that 60 seconds

Duncan has remained in his Monday to Friday role with New England Seafoods as their Seafood Specialist. He is also resident Saturday Boy at The Fish Shop and supports Sue with the business.

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